Facebook and Twitter are now just free adverspamming sites

I just spent two, yes two days working on sharing settings for my flagship food blog, foododdity.com.  It all started with me wanting to add the new google +1 button.  I was using sharedaddy via Jetpack for WordPress, and it was doing the trick just fine.  I found other plugins bloated or do weird java scripty things to the site… So I used Shazron’s method to add +1 and it worked fine.  But during this time, I tried Addthis (Awesome, but wanted to add their own stuff to my Twitter, AND kept loading and loading and lo-a-ding…).  Others would cause conflicts, others would want me to have 300 share sites connected.  I tried many, one even hid their FB app within the share button!  You would click share, and this unknown (to the user) app would ask you for EVERY bit of information they could from the user.  I know I would stop right there, and *poof*, that lovely person wanting to share my content move right along with their surfing!  But I digress…


Going through this process made me realize how utterly obsessed I was getting with the social sharing side of my content.  I was sliding away from actually enjoying the occasional comment or “like” to actually getting a little mad when friends failed to click “like”, or tweet, or stumble, or…  I was counting the likes, I was re-posting, because, maybe, just maybe, one more person would validate my work.   I would refresh Facebook, I would go back to old posts, just to see what had been shared.  This was getting RIDICULOUS, and I needed to stop this addiction.

As with most bloggers, I use feeds.  I will of course, post on my blog, which feeds to Hootsuite, which feeds to my TWO Twitter accounts (which feed to my Facebook pages and profile), Linkedin, all of which end up on my Facebook Pages and profile.  I then click “like” on the post, again it goes to Facebook, just so those little social buttons don’t look so lonely with low counts… And thus I have become the Devil.  The adverspammer spamming those family members and old high school buddies several times over, all for the hope of an extra page view or two.  I would now like to apologize.

The importance of being Social

So yes, social sharing and networks are VERY important to today’s blogger, but be careful not to fall into the trap that I did.   Mix up your content across the platforms, so it is not ALL the same, ALL the time.  Definitely get people going to your site from your followers, but be gentle on them.  Nobody wants to see things too many times, or they’ll hide/ block you from their feeds!

I have also tried a few other good techniques.  Don’t just blast out links to your posts, add some fun.  Do some polls, throw in a couple of “somewhat” related Youtube videos, engage, don’t just feed.  You can also try some give-a-ways, do letter bingo… the list goes on.  Hopefully I can heed my own advice.