Learn Something

We have the ability to learn.  Our brains are wired to continually want new stimulation, new experiences, new sensations.  We yearn to learn, and yet unless the process is forced on us, we choose to do what we know.

During our childhood and adolescence, we have structured learning, and are taught many of the basics to survive in our respective societies.  We learn about many things to prepare us to enter society on our own, and once we do so, we stop the process.  We fall into routines, we do what we must and no more.

One of the best ways to rediscover your true self is to learn something new.  We may at first feel uncomfortable, but generally will thrive during the experience.  Many people enjoy nature shows and documentaries.  If you are going to watch television, this may be your best choice, but you really don’t have to do anything, and as such, after the show, you may glean a few tidbits of information, and go back to your routine.

Many will try to learn top play an instrument, or a new language, but if it is self guided, we soon put it off, leave it in the closet, and hope to make it up later.  As time passes, this becomes easier to do, and harder to keep up, and any initiative is lost.  A structured environment is easier to maintain.  There are many classes at local recreation centres, and community halls, which are very reasonably priced.  To learn a language, try to find a native speaker and “trade” lessons for your language.  You may also make some new friends!

The idea is to create a new aspect of your life, you will either enjoy it, or try something else, but at least you gave it a shot, and are better for the experience.  As you begin to learn the new thing, you will start to crave more, and it may just help keep you young!  Some recent studies have shown that continued learning may actually stave off brain diseases like Alzheimer’s and even slow down memory loss.