Teach something

Teaching has its pros and cons.  It is very rewarding and incredibly frustrating, all at the same time.  I have been teaching full time for a few months now in China, at a Korean school.  The experience of teaching has taught me about the importance of sharing information, and the dynamic way in which you must allow each lesson plan to change, and let the class help set the pace.  It has been amazing to adapt myself to the new role, and I realized it is something I have done in many other professions.

Although I am still new to the profession, I find myself enjoying it when you can see the little light bulb pop on, and the light of understanding shines through the eyes of a student.  On the other hand, the some of the kids couldn’t care less, need to be constantly told to stay on task, and even disciplined because they are creating a disturbance.  Up until last year it was legal to beat the kids for educational purposes in Korea… it still is accepted in China.

It is easy to get angry, it is easy to feel disrespected.  but it is better to let it go and embrace the moments when they actually get what the hell you’re talking about.

I digress…

People love to teach.  It gives them a sense of importance, but more importantly, a sense that they matter.  That their opinions and experience matter, and that they can share a part of themselves with others.  You don’t have to quit your job to teach, in fact, many times you will realize you may already be teaching someone.  If you have children, you will find you are constantly teaching them new things.  It does not have to be a lesson, but if you take the time to show them something new, they will be better for it, and so will you.

If you have experience, or are good at something, you would be surprised at how happy it can make you to share a bit of yourself with another, even a stranger.  Teaching can be done in moments, even just by sharing some good will when you can tell  someone is having a bad day, they may learn that the problem is only minor, and there are more important things in  life.